- Santosh Mirdha, DC

Education should imbue students with the right values; propel them in the right direction; bring proficiency in various domains; and open doors for them to soar high in the limitless sky. It should prepare children to face the problems and challenges of this complex world; should build tolerance, compassion and above all empathy for weak. In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, “the highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence”.

We live in a world where there is plethora of information available but the ability to discern and receive, what is beneficial comes with education. As administrators, teachers, mentors and facilitators we are entrusted with this herculean task of shaping our institutions to fulfill this vision and mission of KVS. Established in 1977, Delhi Region has been moving ahead, with many creditable milestones along the way but the challenge lies in adapting to the constantly expanding field of education.

Our endeavour should be to make learning enjoyable and meaningful; to incorporate the pedagogical changes; to integrate technology; to develop the critical thinking skills; to generate a pursuit for knowledge and provide a platform for the creativity of our students.

Soaring high is human nature but without proper training in human values, we may not be able to give them wings to take independent flight. Science and spirituality should be harmoniously blended to produce young persons of character committed to national service and development.

It is my belief that with the right attitude and teamwork, Delhi Region can become a force to reckon with and the quest for excellence may be difficult but not impossible. In the words of the Mother, “One must always strive for perfection and the particular level of perfection attainable today does not matter so long as one reaches at least one step higher tomorrow.”